Stolen Ivan the Terrible painting returned to Ukraine

Stolen Ivan the Terrible painting returned to Ukraine 75 years later

A massive 19th century oil painting of Ivan the Terrible, the first czar of Russia, was returned to its rightful owners on Monday, after its disappearance from a Ukrainian museum more than 75 years ago during World War II. The Ukrainian ambassador to the U.S., Valeriy Chaly, accepted the painting on behalf of the people of Ukraine during a repatriation ceremony at a fine arts auction house outside of Washington, D.C.

Burning Man festival in Kyiv

Burning Man fans recreate festival atmosphere in Kyiv

Some of the most dedicated Ukrainian fans of the world’s most visually fascinating art festival, Burning Man, will likely skip it this year. The reason? They don’t have to travel all the way to Black Rock Desert in Nevada anymore to experience the festival’s atmosphere. The “burners,” as they refer to themselves, have created their own Burning Man enclave in Kyiv called Kurenivka Palace of Culture.

Art Guide to Murals Kiev

An Art Lover’s Guide to the Murals of Kiev

Not so long ago, Kiev was still developing as an art destination. Today, it’s home not only to numerous exhibitions, performances and premieres but also to street art. This vibrant art scene has evolved far beyond the underground framework, making the incredible murals an integral part of the urban scenery.
Artists have already created more than 150 murals on the walls of buildings in Kiev, and this trend is still expanding