Vladimir Putin and Ukraine

Why Putin Still Covets Ukraine

Writing long, historically focused opinion pieces is an activity more characteristic of think tankers than heads of state, but Russian President Vladimir Putin is anything but conventional. Last week he published a 5,000-plusword article that reviews the last millennium to conclude that Russians, Belarusians and Ukrainians share a common history, faith and destiny.

interview with Al living in Kyiv Ukraine

Interview with an American farmer in Kyiv

Today’s interview with Al from Wisconsin, living in Kyiv, Ukraine.
Al, once upon a time you were living in Wisconsin and dreaming of Ukraine. Now you’re sending out weekly adventurous emails from Kyiv! Tell us a little about your background and your life before the big move.

interview with Joao living in Ukraine

Interview with a Brazilian expat in Kharkiv

Today’s interview with Joao, living in Ukraine.
I studied International Relations and this part of Europe got me interested, not only due to its history but also the Slavic culture. Before Ukraine I was not particularly happy with the path my life was taking so I decided to try something different and venture myself into this country.

interview with Michael living in Ukraine

Interview with a US Expat in Ukraine

Today’s interview with Michael from New York City, living in Ukraine. Shortly after getting married in the United States, Michael and his wife Yulia moved to Ukraine. They wanted to settle in Ukraine for a number of reasons. They wanted to keep the Ukrainian tradition of homesteading and farming alive (and wanted to encourage other young people to join them).