Volodymir Zelensky

Ukraine wants to end ‘oligarch era’

Whether President Volodymyr Zelensky can deliver may set the tone for relations with the Biden administration. Ukraine’s gambit has added urgency as it tries to reset its standing in Washington after being center stage in the GOP’s unsuccessful dirt-digging efforts against then-candidate Joe Biden and his son Hunter.

EU states receive guidance handling visa applications from residents of Donbas

EU states receive guidance on handling visa applications from residents of occupied Donbas

On June 20, leaders of European Union member states declared their readiness not to recognize Russian passports issued to Ukrainians in Russia-occupied Donbas. The European Commission and the European External Action Service have this week sent EU member states and non-EU Schengen countries guidance on how to handle visa applications lodged by residents of the non-Government controlled areas of Ukraine’s Donetsk and Luhansk regions.

Ukraine dual citizenship with EU states

Zakarpattia ex-governor: Ukraine should allow dual citizenship, but only with EU states

Former Head of Zakarpattia Regional State Administration Hennadiy Moskal has said Ukraine should allow its citizens to have a second passport when it comes to citizenship of any of the EU countries, but not Russia. In his opinion, dual citizenship is “new opportunities for Ukraine,” he told the Ukrainian online news outlet Obozrevatel on October 1.

Ryanair doubles flights from Ukraine 2019

Ryanair more than doubles flights from Ukraine in one year

Irish low-cost airline Ryanair will soon have more than doubled its flights from Ukraine since last year. As of November, the company will operate 113 flights to 40 destinations from four cities across the country, according to Ukraine’s infrastructure ministry.

FlixBus extends operations in Ukraine 2019

FlixBus extends operations in Ukraine

German low-cost bus carrier FlixBus has expanded its presence in Ukraine by opening a representatives’ office in Kyiv, the company has announced during a press conference.

Foreign companies can open accounts in Ukrainian banks 2019

NBU: Foreign companies can open accounts in Ukrainian banks

The National Bank of Ukraine, or NBU, is now to allow foreign legal entities such as stakeholder companies and investment funds to open accounts directly in Ukrainian banks, the NBU said in a statement issued on April 3. This change is part of Ukraine’s move towards broader currency liberalization and the free flow of capital across its borders.

foreigners won’t leave Ukraine to get work visas

Cabinet: Foreigners won’t have to leave Ukraine to get work visas

For foreigners seeking to work long-term in Ukraine, the dreaded visa run could soon be a thing of the past. Ukraine’s Cabinet of Ministers on March 6 said it would allow foreigners to submit applications for long-term visas from within Ukraine, meaning they won’t have to leave the country when they need to get a residency permit or a work visa.